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Phone: +(65) 988-95-602
E-Mail: RemiAliya@gmail.com

If you like some of my works, send me email with names of the works which you like.

Welcome to my website. My name is Aliya and I am a bead artist. By this I refer to my creations of stylish jewelry for all occasions using semi-precious and precious stones including Japanese beads, Swarovski crystal and gemstones.

I first learnt of beaded jewelry when I was just eight and saw this shop full of dazzling beads and stones of all colours, shapes and sizes. That memory has since continually inspired me and beads and gemstones have become both passion, career and even a lucky star shining brightly overhead.

Singapore is my present base I work from. It is perpetual Summer here with friendly people, a conducive atmosphere for the foundation of my imagination to spring forth. I create intimate and irresistible ornaments of beauty that have not just their unique beauty but energies as well.

I remain in perpetual romance with beauty. Come join in this appreciation and passion.